Italy: The Third Sector Revolution

Italy: The Third Sector Revolution

09:53 26 September in Governance, Management

By Pasquale Pesce and Annalisa Lalumera


The italian economist Stefano Zamagni explains the reform of the new Code
Stefano Zamagni, illustrated the innovations during a meeting in Bologna at the Veritas Splendor Institute, moderated by the journalist Valerio Baroncini.
In the course of the meeting, he reiterates that this new Code is the first organic law on the Third Sector, whose application is pending on the 22 implementing decrees (stopped by the elections) that will certainly bring a complete revolution in the present system.

The Italian Third Sector: is made of :336.200 organizations :divided into 286,900 associations, 16.125 social cooperatives 6.560 community foundations and 26.700 organizations, employing 5.529 volunteers.

A law that has no equal in European countries, however we must take into consideration that in Italy the single charities are comparable to small businesses with a business volume under 10,000 € per year.and only 4.5% of them exceed 500 thousand € .These small dimensions do not allow us to obtain European resources to which we would be entitled, since we are not able to present single structured projects but only interesting proposals.

It is a new philosophy that is behind the 104 articles of the new code “to do good no longer requires authorization”.A recognition of the existing is enough. Furthermore, “the institution is not considered an additional subject compared with the State or an enterprise”, but rather a third party, in a sort of “co-essentiality system, where each part gives its best.

Annalisa Lalumera-Pasquale Pesce-(Board Members EUConsult Italia)



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