The Importance of Training

The Importance of Training

10:49 10 September in Management

The importance of training by Francesca Zagni and Raffaele Picilli

Training is essential for all professionals and it should be regarded as an on-going process of which we could benefit at a personal and business level. This is particularly important for consultants to not-for-profit organisations, who should keep themselves continuosly up-dated with technological developments and  innovative strategies in order to offer a wider range of first services to their customers.

Training  should not be regarded as a “cost” but as a necessary investment for future professional development and being a consultant with a long-term vision who is part of a European network will bring the best outcomes. That’s why it is very useful to participate in the annual meetings organised by EUConsult.

Every year, in two different European cities, the best third sector consultants meet to take part in the most interesting training programmes, to exchange experiences and network.

The next meeting will be held in The Hague in late September. For more information visit

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