Free Google Grant training

Free Google Grant training

15:03 29 October in Communications

Thought some of you might find this useful for clients (I don’t know the provider, just passing on):

This message is sponsored content from our partners, Raising IT. This is being distributed to you as you may find this useful to your activities.


Free Webinar: How To Access & Effectively Deploy 90k A Year Of Free Google AdWords

Google’s “Google Ad Grant” programme gives UK not for profits the opportunity to access up to £90k a year of free AdWords to promote their organisation and reach new audiences.  However, many charities are finding it difficult harness the full value of these grants and finding translating it into donations and other key goals even harder.To help with this, Raising IT are running a free training webinar, where they will be talking charities though how they can apply for the grant and how they can effectively deploy it to maximise impact on their charitable objectives.

A 40 min webinar will be held on Thursday 1st November @12pm GMT.  You can register for it here:

It will be covering;

– How to apply for a Google Grant with a 100% success rate
– How to ensure you receive the full £90k value of the grant
– How to use the budget to achieve tangible increases in donations and other marketing goals
– How to build a campaign in a way that is sustainable so the grant auto-renews
– Case studies and transferable lessons from other charities who have achieved impressive results

To register for the webinar please follow the following link;

Any further questions about this webinar please contact

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