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European Third Sector Forum – Leadership in the Third Sector: ethics, creativity and innovation

09:23 20 May in Communications, Governance, Management

EUconsult Italia, the professional association of consultants serving the Italian not for profit sector, will be hosting a one-day conference in Rome entitled "Leadership in the Third Sector: ethics, creativity and innovation",  as part of the annual European Third Sector Forum. The event, free of charge...

Italy: The Third Sector Revolution

09:53 26 September in Governance, Management

By Pasquale Pesce and Annalisa Lalumera   The italian economist Stefano Zamagni explains the reform of the new Code Stefano Zamagni, illustrated the innovations during a meeting in Bologna at the Veritas Splendor Institute, moderated by the journalist Valerio Baroncini. In the course of the meeting, he reiterates that...

30 Years of Ethical Consulting Across Europe

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