We are thrilled to invite you to join us for our second Study Visit to Brussels which will happen 10-11 April 2024!

Following the success of our previous visit, which significantly increased EUConsult’s connectivity and involvement in the European sphere, the Board has dedicated the past few months to strengthening these ties. 

This visit goes beyond professional development, it offers a valuable opportunity for networking and fostering fellowship.

The focus of the 2024 visit will be on refining skills and upholding high standards for consultants within the extensive landscape of EU institutions. This includes engagement with both formal and informal groups, as well as various organizations.

The EUConsult Study Visit to Brussels is designed for a delegation of up to ten people, including representatives from the EFA European Fundraising Association, an organization with whom we’ve established collaborative ties.

Agenda, more details and registration form can be found here.

2023 Brussels Study Visit Throwback

See you soon!

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