Case Studies from our Members

EUConsult members have a wealth of experience in non-profit consultancy in a broad range of fields. They are involved in many interesting and worthwhile projects. A selection of case studies are given below.


Action Planning (David Saint), UK

  1. Remoulding the Power Base – Client: Weston Park Cancer Charity (wpcc) – Weston Park Cancer Charity’s Chair and Director had both joined at the same time and were keen for the charity to be more ambitious in its objectives. In order to do that they knew they needed to have a board in place that could drive the charity towards higher goals, but they required help and advice in putting together such a high-performing board. Action Planning was asked to carry out the necessary investigations to be able to advise Weston Park on the necessary steps to create the high-performing board it desired. David Saint from Action Planning met with all the trustees and a number of other people involved in the charity and put together an audit showing where the charity was, where it wanted to be and what the required steps were to deliver that. This included a skills audit and covered aspects such as recruitment processes, training and clarity of governance paperwork. With his knowledge of Weston Park’s strategic priorities, David was able to map out in what aspects the board was over-provided and where it was lacking. The charity is still implementing David’s proposals but, as a result of going through the review process, now has two very strong new trustees on board.
  2. Setting the Rhythm of Change – Client: Every Child A Musician – Every Child A Musician is a music service set up under the authority of the London Borough of Newham, providing free musical instruments and tuition to children aged 7 to 11. The service teaches 12,500 children every week, which equates to 360,000 music lessons per annum. It was in the process of externalising from the local authority to become a small business/charity and was looking for help with a new fundraising and marketing strategy. Action Planning was chosen from a shortlist of six charity consultancies. We were asked to work with the organisation to help consolidate and strengthen its draft fundraising strategy, which it needed to develop as a key element of its business plan for externalising. We began with a scoping meeting with Every Child A Musician’s Programme Manager, Norma Spark, and carried out some background research before helping her to strengthen and expand the income generating strategy. This led to David Saint facilitating an awayday with the rest of Norma’s team to build their awareness and knowledge, while we also researched likely funding sources. The business plan needed to be sufficiently robust to pass through several stages of scrutiny by the local authority and the fundraising strategy was an essential element within that. To date it has passed successfully through about 80 per cent of the process and we have agreed to come back when the charity has externalised in early 2018 to offer further consultation.  /


B3sixty (Clive Bane), UK

  1. An international charity working in the arena of environmental sustainability sought help in making its Value of Respect a lived behaviour amongst its staff. This followed a pattern of results in successive staff surveys that showed continued concerns about bullying. B3sixty worked with senior management and internal HR to design a series of workshops where the issues could be discussed openly, suggestions made about what change was needed, and where staff understood how they could get issues of perceived bullying dealt with effectively. These workshops also surfaced a range of organisational development issues that staff believed, if dealt with seriously, would impact positively on a culture of Respect. Proposals for improvements to listening skills, the way both projects and meetings were managed, and to email protocols were accepted by senior management and incorporated into an overall plan of action.
  1. An international development agency working to support the voice of civil society in developing countries had, following the creation of a new strategy, the need to make significant organisational change to align its staffing structure and roles to a new approach to its work. B3sixty worked with the management team on a comprehensive change programme over the course of the next two years, firstly on the immediate issues of role re-design, redeployment, voluntary redundancy and outplacement support; and then on setting in place a culture that reflected the organisation’s values and the behaviours (particularly collaboration and learning from experience) that would lead to the success of its strategy. In a subsequent independent evaluation, partners and stakeholders praised the process for the impact it had on the organisation’s achievements and growing reputation.  /


Linda Laurance & Associates (Linda Laurance), UK

  1. In 2004, as a governance consultant and, at the time Chair of Charity Trustee Networks, I chaired the steering group which produced the first edition of Good Governance – A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector in England and Wales.  Senior representatives of four umbrella organisations were represented on the working party and the initiative was supported by the Charity Commission.  This document has provided an invaluable set of guidelines since 2005 for not-for-profit organisations in the UK, increasing their understanding of governance good practice and helping to raise the quality of governance.  Now, known simply as The Good Governance Code, it is in its third edition.
  2. Linda Laurance & Associates (LL&A) undertook a whole organisation review for the British Society for Haematology in 2013/14. This involved considerable research and detailed discussions with their office staff, Trustee Board, members and external stakeholders. Our comprehensive report helped them to define short term strategic objectives and we further facilitated the achievement of these objectives. This included helping to define a communication strategy and appoint a project manager to rationalise all the BSH websites. In addition we carried out a Board skills audit, gave advice regarding the appointment of a Director of Operations and guided BSH through the process of defining short and long term strategic objectives. Their then President commented:  ‘Throughout it all Linda Laurance has overseen the whole process and has been a source of valuable advice on several key governance issues.  I am convinced we would not have achieved any of the above without their (LL&A) help.’ /

Money Tree Logo FINAL

Money Tree Fundraising (Beth Upton), UK

Regional Charity had embarked on capital appeal without any due diligence, feasibility, qualified staff, planning. After 1 large gift they had launched their public appeal for 70% of the balance but had stalled. We undertook a feasibility review into both the capital appeal and the state of their revenue fundraising capabilities. Our recommendation to halt the appeal, with a list of actions needed before considering a relaunch, was taken. In lieu, they are focusing on developing a strong revenue team, starting with a specialist corporate fundraiser, on our recommendation. End result: revenue up, reserves untouched, reputation saved, organisation not gone bust. /


Purplegrass (Gabrielle Murphy), Ireland

Part of the Mira Partnership

Our Highlights from the last 12 Months at Purplegrass

  1.  We worked with a small homelessness charity that was new to fundraising and developed their first ever major gift campaign, which raised €50,000 in just 3 months.
  2. We worked with a national hospital foundation on a re-structure, the development of its strategic plan and the launch of a new planning process. Last year they had their best year ever, following the implementation of this new way of working.
  3. We worked with a major national education provider to develop a compelling case for support for its first ever major gift campaign. We guided them through the feasibility and planning stages and helped them target new donors.
  4. We ran a fundraising workshop for this year’s amazing winners of the Social Entrepreneur Awards. Be inspired at /


Raise the Wind (Raffaele Picilli), Italy
Dr Francesca Zagni, Italy

A few years ago, together with other Third Sector consultants Francesca Zagni, Annalisa Lalumera, Beatrice Lentati, Mario Belli and Luca Calise , we decided to create, in Italy, an event dedicated to the top of non profit organizations and the profit world: presidents, general managers, directors, secretaries. Thus, the “Nonprofit Leadership Forum” was born. The event wants to compare important exponents of worlds once separated from each other and now closer and closer to nonprofit organizations and their presidents and directors, social enterprises, cooperatives and consortia of cooperatives, companies that perform activities of social innovation and corporate social responsibility, public administrations, B companies, start-up companies, foundations, universities and research centers that investigate and experiment with social innovation. It was the first time, in Italy, that an event gathered leaders of the profit and non-profit world who, finally, were confronted to “get to know each other better” and work better together.

Since 2016, EUConsult Italia has been collaborating in the implementation of the Forum. The theme of the last edition focused on social innovation that is taking on the role of fundamental lever of change in the national and international scenario, contributing incisively to contaminate Profit and Nonprofit subjects. The topics of the last session were four: The scenarios for social innovation, The actors of change: from Nonprofit to Public Administrations, Social innovation: success cases, The near future. /

Robin Brady

Robin Brady, UK

  1. In 2013 Robin was asked to be the team leader for a study on how NGOs use monitoring and evaluation in an international context. Funded by Comic Relief, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Big Lottery Fund, Bond and NIDOS, the study looked at what was needed at an organisational level by NGOs to ensure monitoring and evaluation was fully embedded in the organisation, through a series of case studies and additional online survey data. The study was published in March 2014 and is now used by Bond as part of its effectiveness programme for international development NGOs.
  2. Between 2011 and 2012 Robin, together with two other consultants, led the delivery of a complicated change programme at the UK charity, Arthritis Care. The change programme included a reorientation of the business focus (strategy redesign), staff reduction and redeployment, and an office relocation. Robin worked closely with the Interim CEO and advised the Board of Trustees before and during the change period. The change programme successfully turned Arthritis Care around and saved the charity from closing.
  3. The International HIV/AIDS Alliance asked Robin to deliver the first ever social return on investment (SROI) evaluation of an HIV / AIDS stigma and discrimination programme in Africa in 2010. The evaluation process deliberately challenged the SROI standard process to understand what some of the challenges of conducting value for money assessments in developing contexts were. The findings from the SROI evaluation were presented before a select group of influential policy makers include DFID, World Vision, VSO, etc. and published in April 2011. The evaluation formed part of the Alliance’s Value for Money work stream, that it used to make the case to bi-lateral donors and supporters about the value that its work and approach was delivering. /

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