As international consultant, you must stay ahead of the developments in your profession, and adapt quickly. Consultancy is a broad field, so you need to organize your work perfectly in order to be able to concentrate on your assignement. This is where AI comes to mind with its ability to streamline and simplify many work-related processes.

Jirka has more than 20 years of packed experience in national and international NGOs and has managed smaller and bigger teams amongst others at Doctors Without Borders in Germany and Brazil with the main focus on individual giving programs. He now helps NGOs around the globe to grow to their full potential in private sector fundraising and will share his insights on this exciting work.

“DISCLAIMER: Nothing is older than the news on the use of AI. Literally every day, new tools pop up or exisiting ones are launching new features. It is very hard to stay at the forefront of this development. But it is also not necessary. Smart approaches are key. And nothing beats test and try (and fail)” – says Jirka Wirth.

In this interactive session, Jirka will talk about how to integrate AI into your daily work as a consultant to save time and optimize processes, and you will be able to share your experiences and thoughts on AI and how you expect it to change not only our work, but our daily life and communication in general.

☑  March 13th 2024 | 4-5pm CET / 3-4pm GMT


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