EUConsult Membership – Interview with Henk Smit

Interview with EUConsult’s Secretary Henk Smit

Why did you choose to become a member of EUConsult? And why do you think a fundraising and communication professional should decide to join EUConsult?

Henk: I am an enthusiastic European. There is good reason to be if only the fact that there is lots of Europeanisation that is coming towards us. I could mention SEPA and GDPR as clear examples of where the EU has a great influence on our daily work. So a European organisation is an important one to be part of. Another reason why a fundraising and communication professional such as myself should join this organization is that it provides some of the few places where we can be together with colleagues only and exchange thoughts and experiences.

What does EUConsult do in order to find new members?

Henk: We network via our own conferences and meetings. We go out to other places where potential members come together and make our case for membership. We talk to clients about EUConsult and its ethical code.

EUConsult’s vision is of a “strong, independent European-wide not-for-profit sector served by ethical, professional and competent consultants and advisors”… how does the organisation work in order to increase professionals’ awareness about these values?

Henk: We do so at our conferences and meetings where we learn about the third sector in other European countries. Through the meetings we also get to know colleagues that are serving the sector sometimes with other services and that is strengthening our own ability to help our clients.

Take a look here for full details on membership.

30 Years of Ethical Consulting Across Europe

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