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Knowing that I can engage with a broad spectrum of consultants across Europe who 
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EUConsult’s Vision

Our vision is of a strong, independent European-wide not-for-profit sector served by ethical, professional and competent consultants and advisors.

EUConsult’s Mission

The mission of EUConsult is to provide a forum for consultants to the not-for-profit sector, encouraging and stimulating ethical and professional behavior, collaboration, and developing the technical and business skills of its members.

What we offer potential clients

Are you looking for a consultant?

EUConsult can provide you with free access to professional consultants across Europe with a broad range of expertise.

Over 3000 not-for-profit clients have been served by members of EUConsult in the past five years.

All our members are expected to adhere to our Code of Ethics, thereby providing reassurance to prospective clients about professional standards.

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  • company basis
  • country basis
  • service/expertise/sector basis

Why choose a EUConsult member?

EUConsult members:


  • offer a comprehensive range of integrated services to the not-for-profit sector, including all aspects of fundraising and development services, management consultancy, communications and PR strategies, recruitment, training and leadership coaching, legal and IT assistance, change management support, capacity building, and assistance with social and venture philanthropy
  • have a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise and in many European countries
  • are committed to high ethical and professional standards
  • are accustomed to providing practical, effective support, and creative, tailor-made solutions of a high quality at a fair cost

What we offer our members

During the last two decades we have been serving our members and the not-for-profit sector, facilitating strong professional relationships across Europe, fiercely promoting ethical standards for committed professionals, and sharing knowledge and best practice through mentoring and relevant training and learning workshops and congresses.

Our members include:


  • Consultants from all sectors within the civil society arena, including social enterprises and cooperatives
  • Professionals at all stages in their careers including heads of larger consultancy firms, sole traders and junior consultants
  • Experts offering any one of a range of consultancy services including fundraising, governance, management, IT and human resources.


Find out more about our members.

EUConsult – 30 Years of Ethical Consulting Across Europe

For 30 years, EUConsult has been committed to ensuring that consultants working across the not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors in Europe deliver the best impact-driven support and counsel to our clients. Founded in 1991 by a group of leading consultants working predominantly in the area of philanthropy, EUConsult has since grown to encompass members working across a broad range of areas including management, strategy, fundraising, communications, governance and recruitment. If you are focused on delivering ethical and values-led consultancy, we invite you to join us as we look forward to promoting excellence and innovation in consultancy practice in 2021 and beyond!

In 1982, fundraising consultant Thom Harris (Harris & Company), who then was based in Amsterdam, identified the need for a code of ethics which, in particular, would prohibit fundraising on a percentage or contingency basis.

Over a period of time others joined him and meetings took place in Amsterdam, Paris and Prague, where the terms of reference for a membership organisation for consultants working for non-profits were eventually devised.

In 1991, Thom Harris, Rupert Graf Strachwitz (Maecenata Management), Antoine Vaccaro (Excel) and Job van Dooren (Van Dooren Advies) formally set up EUCONSULT. The organisation was established on 18 October 1991 under Dutch law. Shortly afterwards they were joined by John Kelly (Brakeley Europe). For the first few years, membership remained small, while the definite wording of EUCONSULT’s mission and code of ethics were being worked on.

Membership was then and still is for firms and sole traders whose principal business is in and about non-profits, and was not aimed at sub-divisions of very large consultancy firms. While in the early years the majority of members were fundraising consultants, membership since has broadened so that the wide range of consultancy services needed by non-profits is well represented, providing a rich resource.

Subsequently the name became EUConsult (The European Association of Consultants to and about Not-For-Profit Organisations). Rupert Strachwitz and John Kelly remain active members of EUConsult making a valuable contribution to the work of the organisation, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021.

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