Individual consultants and consultancy firms working in all areas of specialism are most welcome to apply for membership of EUConsult. You simply need to complete and send in the application form.

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Membership criteria

Members are businesses, not-for-profit organisations, partnerships, or individuals specialising in consulting services for and about not-for-profit organisations. They are established according to law or otherwise recognised by appropriate other regulatory authorities in one of the European countries.

Members agree to abide by the EUConsult Code of Ethics and be governed by the Articles of Association.

Membership categories

Regular Members are Full, Associate or Provisional Members, depending on the length of time established and the experience of the Chief Executive.

Full Members – established for at least five years in professional consulting or the Chief Executive has at least ten years experience of not-for-profit consulting or management, of which at least three have been in consulting.

Associate Members – established for at least two consecutive years in not-for-profit consulting. Associate Members enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of Full Members except eligibility for board membership.

Provisional Members – legal entities, partnerships and individuals committed to consulting for and about the not-for-profit sector, but who do not yet have the required years of experience. Provisional Members enjoy all the rights of Full Membership except voting, eligibility for board membership and the use of the EUConsult Seal of Approval.

Affiliated Members – businesses which have significant consulting activity with not-for-profit organisations, even though their principal business is not in this field. Affiliated Members enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of Full Members except eligibility for board membership.

Membership fees

Annual membership is charged at the following rates:

  • €325 – sole traders
  • €485 – 2-3 employees
  • €650 – 4-9 employees
  • €975 – 10 or more employees.

For sole traders and consultancy firms with their main office in the CEE region, there is a special rate of €110 (subject to regular review by the EUConsult Board).

Approval procedure

Applicants are required to give the names of a proposer and a seconder on the application form. The proposer should be someone the applicant knows from a member organisation. The seconder can also be a member of EUConsult, or otherwise they should be a recent or current client and should be included in the list of client referees. In the event that the applicant does not know any of the member contacts on the membership list (or another consultant at any of the member organisations), then the applicant should contact the Membership Secretary.

Once the application form has been checked by the Membership Secretary, the following steps are taken:

  • the proposer and seconder are contacted to confirm that they support the application;
  • EUConsult members are informed of the application and given the opportunity to respond;
  • references are obtained from the client referees.

The Board then makes the final decision.

We always try to complete the approval procedure as quickly as possible. Depending on the availability of referees and board members, the process usually takes 3-4 weeks. (Please note that the Board reserves the right to refuse membership without disclosing reasons for refusal.)

Welcome to membership!

Once the Board has approved the application, new members are notified in writing.

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