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How to build a movement to enhance European democratic values? What obstacles are there, how do you set this up also from a consultant point of view? 

Stefan Sindelar, CEO of European Capital of Democracy will tell you all about setting up a movement to install a yearly European Capital of Democracy. 

Be there and discuss with us: 11th January 2023, from 4 – 5 pm CET / 3 – 4 pm GMT

Head of Operations at the Innovation in Politics Institute 
CEO of the European Capital of Democracy NPO
After his studies of media technology and design, Stefan Sindelar started his professional career in journalism, communication, and IT. Entering politics in 2013 with a successful campaign for the Austrian and European Parliament, he served as Managing Director for the Austrian Liberals’ Parliamentary Club and Party. His work experience spans the non-profit, start-up, business, and political field. He has leadership skills in managing mixed and networked teams with a focus on developing disruptive products and growing innovative organisations.

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