We are excited to announce another online session, this time featuring Priscilla Robledo, an expert in CSR and Corporate Integrity. 

Priscilla Robledo is a legal sustainability consultant and expert on responsible business conduct and corporate integrity. She has been consulting and training public and private entities on anti corruption and corporate integrity since 2013. Since 2019 she is lobby and advocacy coordinator of the Italian section of the Clean Clothes Campaign and also a consultant at ‘The Good Lobby’.
Priscilla sits in the anti corruption board of 6 foundations as well as guest lecturer on corporate integrity and business & human rights at the University of Milan. She holds a law degree from the University of Milan and a Master of Laws degree from Queen Mary University of London.


A number of legislations have been approved in recent years in the European Union, introducing corporate social responsibilities in many aspects and ultimately devising a different way to think about corporate citizenship and the social license to operate. The talk will reflect upon these changes and on the role CSOs can play in this new legislative context.

Priscilla Robledo, a legal sustainability consultant and advocate for responsible business conduct, will shed light on the evolving landscape of corporate social responsibility and corporate integrity in the European Union. 

With a wealth of experience, Priscilla will explore the consequences of recent legislative changes and the vital role Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can play in this new context.

📅 Date: Wednesday, September 13th, 2023
🕒 Time: 4-5pm CET / 3-4pm GMT

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