May 10th, 2023 at 4-5pm CET / 3-4pm GMT

As a consultant, whatever you recommend to your clients has to be ethical, right? They’re not paying you good money for you come up with practices that are dubious and a bit dodgy. But what does ‘ethical’ mean in this context?

At the barest minimum, it means making sure you adhere to relevant legislation and codes of practice. That only takes a bit of learning to master. But codes, by their nature, are limited. They tell you want you can and can’t do in specific situations. But they don’t tell you what to do in situations that aren’t covered in the code. This is where a fully rounded understanding of the ethics of professional fundraising is required.

As a consultant, you’ll need to know where these ethical grey areas are likely to emerge, how best to resolve them, and to be aware of ethical issues that might emerge in the future.
This session obviously can’t do all of that in one go. But what it aims to do is describe the fundamental building blocks of fundraising ethics so consultants can ensure their projects for clients anticipate any ethical issues that are likely to emerge and help them to navigate those issues.


Ian MacQuillin MCIoF(Dip) is the director of the international fundraising think tank Rogare, which he founded in 2014. 

Rogare aims to help fundraisers better use theory and evidence in by translating academic ideas into professional practice and building fundraising’s knowledge base. Ian is recognised as a leading thinker on fundraising ethics, having developed a new theory of fundraising ethics that seeks to balance fundraisers’ duties to both their donors and beneficiaries. 

He edits the Critical Fundraising blog and runs and moderates the Critical Fundraising Forum on Facebook, which has more that 1,1000 critically-minded fundraisers from all over the world. He writes a regular column for Third Sector magazine and regularly contributes to the specialist charity media around the world. Ian is also an in-demand speaker on the global fundraising conference circuit.

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