We are happy to invite you to join us for our next Spotlight Session on Why Museums Need Members in collaboration with our Board Member Raffaele Picilli, fundraiser and head of the Raise the Wind agency, who has written three books on the topics of fundraising, marketing and communication for museums!


Why is fundraising important for museums?

For museums, fundraising is very important. One of the tools they have at their disposal are memberships. Those who sign up for a membership not only have the right to enter the museum for free for 365 days, but have many other benefits that change as the membership changes. There are usually three levels: basic, medium and high level. During our Spotlight we will draw a parallel between benefits for those who have a museum membership and benefits for those who are members of a non-profit organization.

What are the main issues related to museums/membership today?

Memberships are widespread in some European countries, but not all. It should also be said that there are countries that do not adopt memberships but use “subscriptions”, which do not give the right to benefits but only to free admission.

Why attend your session?

It is difficult to find comparative analysis of memberships, not only for museums but also for non-profit organizations. The webinar will be an opportunity to get information that isn’t available anywhere! We will also do some exercises to try to understand which benefits are most successful.


In 2001 he founded the network of consultants for the Non-Profit Raise the Wind. To date, his client portfolio consists of over 130 organizations. He is the author of publications and comparative research on fundraising. He is a teacher of fundraising techniques and since 2001 has trained over 12,000 operators belonging to the Third Sector. Since 2010 he has been president of the Center for Studies on Non-Profit. He is a Board Member of EUConsult, and a contract professor at the University of Urbino-Carlo Bo.

Raffaele has published, with Gabriele Granato, “The inestimable value, marketing and fundraising for cultural heritage”, “Fundraising and marketing for Italian museums” and, in 2023, “Museums will save the world”, all for Rubbettino Editore.

In the cultural sphere, he has been a consultant for the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia and for the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Istituto Autonomo Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana in Tivoli, the Municipality of Empoli. 

📅 Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023
🕒 Time: 4-5pm CET / 3-4pm GMT

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