Organizations often experience significant advancements in their overall performance when they successfully assemble a proficient board that actively participates in strategic fund development initiatives.

In this engaging and interactive session, consultants will be equipped with the tools to encourage their clients to not only recognize but also enhance their board leadership. This aspect is particularly crucial, yet frequently overlooked, in achieving success in fundraising endeavors.

Furthermore, the session will delve into a thoughtful reflection on the diverse cultural dynamics inherent in boards and leadership within non-profit organizations. Understanding these cultural nuances becomes imperative as they can significantly impact the board’s role and level of engagement in the fundraising process. By navigating and leveraging these cultural differences, organizations can unlock untapped potential and foster a more effective and harmonious collaboration between the board and fundraising efforts.


Lucy Blythe founded Philia International in 2009 with a mission to transform not-for-profit leadership. The company provides board search, assessment, development and coaching; succession-planning and strategic consultancy; board and executive training and mentoring in such areas as major gift solicitation, change management and fundraising strategy; and project assessment and strategic advice to philanthropic organisations and individuals.

The range of good causes Philia has helped include science and education (CERN, Switzerland), the arts (The Art Fund, Dulwich Picture Gallery), environment (Bioversity International), endangered culture (Firebird Foundation, USA) and poverty/human rights (Save the Children, International PEN).

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