Our Code of Ethics offers guarantees about professional standards

For over 20 years, EUConsult has been promoting the growth, standard and ethical quality of the European not-for-profit sector and related professional consulting services. Our members believe in a strong, independent and vibrant civil society sector across Europe and beyond, served by ethical, professional and competent consultants and advisors.

The EUConsult Code of Ethics was one of the very first at the European level coming from different countries. It has helped to increase credibility and raise professional standards, particularly in the charity sector.

‘The very fact of having a Code of Ethics is something of immense value to me and is in every contact we issue and on our website. It also gives us a simple way of saying NO to unethical requests from potential clients even if this means losing business.’

All EUConsult members commit to our Code of Ethics, which encourages an ethical approach to consultancy. The Code shows clearly that member consultants act correctly, ethically and in the best interests of their clients.

From a member’s point of view, our Code of Ethics demonstrates to clients that you adhere to the highest of standards by:

  • Maintaining good professional standards and financial integrity
  • Protecting and promoting client interests
  • Protecting and promoting the reputation of the not-for-profit sector
  • Providing good service for fair compensation