Our 2022 Summer Conference was held in Berlin, Germany and in online format on 10th & 11th June. The conference was chaired by our current president Francesca Mineo.

On June 10th we had chance to listen to the following speakers:

  • Giuseppe Guerini who introduced us to Changes in Social sector in Europe,
  • Martin Georgi who introduced us to Changes in Technology, Social interaction and Politics based on recap from re:publica 2022.

On June 11th we were introduced to:

  • Changing Philanthropy by Carola Carazzone,
  • New consultancy needs of NGOs today by Selmin Çalişkan and Susanne Wohmann,
  • Consultancy needs of START-UP organisations by Roman Alexander Ohem and Saskia Miersch,
  • Consultancy of the Blockchain by Melody Song and Rainer Höll,
  • Thoughts on Authenticity, Activism and Professionalism of consultants by Francesca Mineo,
  • Constructive Destruction (using professional development to create business opportunities) by Uday Thakkar.

We would once again like to thank our lovely speakers and participants for joining us.

We hope to see you again next year!

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